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Unyte makes it all come together

Utilities and services like TV can add up to be your biggest expense next to your home, but comparing services to try to get the best deal is usually a huge pain. 

Unyte makes it easy to compare and choose which TV provider, internet service, home security system (and more) meet your needs and budget—saving you money and time.  

How It Works

Unyte saves you time and money by easily finding the right services for your home with just the touch of button.


Download the Unyte app


Enter your street address


Compare services from providers in your area


Select the services that work best for you

Simplify your home

The process of adding home services is outdated and expensive. UNYTE's platform makes it easy to find the best home services to meet your needs...and budget.

Technology and partnerships make all the difference

At Unyte, we've built the technology platform that makes it easy to compare providers. But we've also created the partnerships with providers that ensure you get the best value and service for your money.


Unyte is more than just an app—it's the realtime backend that makes it easy to find the best services no matter where you live.


Unyte manages access to service providers covering over 200 million Americans so you get the best options automatically.

Home Services

Entertainment Your Way

Downtime is important. Whether snuggling up with that important someone for a show or watching the big game with the entire family—having the right channels makes all the difference. But with TV costs skyrocketing, being able to compare providers has become more important than ever. 

With Unyte, you'll easily compare all the providers in your area to get the entertainment you need at the best price.

Internet to Keep You Connected

Connectivity is crucial. With today's unprecedented challenges, being able to work from home, study from home, and connect with family remotely is an absolute requirement. So suffering from an unreliable connection is nearly as bad as paying too much for Internet.

Unyte makes it easy to find the best internet provider and the best rate so you can stay connected and stay within budget.

Home Systems

Powered by the Sun

Buying solar is confusing. With dollars per kilowatt calculations, different panel options, and difficult permitting processes, finding the right solar provider is nearly impossible.

Unyte makes solar easy. We connect you with proven providers that get it right and save you money.

Safe and Sound

Home security systems bring peace of mind, but without the right expertise you might be left vulnerable.

With Unyte, you can rest assured that our providers will help you with the right solution to keep you and your family safe.

Cozy and Comfortable

Smart thermostats save you money and make your home more comfortable.

Unyte helps you discover the technology that works best with your HVAC system.

 Enjoy climate control automation and save money easily with Unyte.


Unyte technology is employed by builders across the country to help new home owners select the best systems for their homes. Right along with picking flooring, cabinetry, and finishes, home owners with Unyte can easily select Internet and TV providers, and home security, solar and HVAC systems.

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